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In order to give customers a better understanding of "fluorine", we update the information about "fluorine reagents and intermediates" products and technical trends every month. Since it has also distributed by e-mail, please register now.

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Author introduction

Latest fluorine-related topics

Dr. Masashi Matsuo, Chairman, FT-Net Inc. 

Established FT-Net after engaging in the development of fluorine related business for about 30 years. During deployment of the fluorine chemical-related consulting.

Professor Emeritus Takeo Taguchi, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, Tokyo Pharmaceutical University

Started research on organic fluorine chemistry under the guidance of Dr. Yoshiro Kobayashi at Tokyo Pharmaceutical University, and engaged in research focusing on development of reactions and synthesis of fluorine-containing bioactive substances. Currently an auditor of Sagami Central Chemical Research Institute. He has been the editor of the Journal of Fluorine Chemistry (Elsevier) Asia region, a specialist journal for fluorochemistry.

Chemical researcher of our fluorochemical products

Latest fluorine-related topics

Date of issue Latest fluorine-related topics Author


Inorganic Fluorine chemistry Dr. Masashi Matsuo (FT-Net Inc. Chairman)


Ionic Liquids Dr. Masashi Matsuo (FT-Net Inc. Chairman)

Oct. 2020

Sensors Dr. Masashi Matsuo (FT-Net Inc. Chairman)

Sep. 2020

Visible light photoredox catalyst Professor Emeritus Takeo Taguchi

Aug. 2020

Capacitors Dr. Masashi Matsuo (FT-Net Inc. Chairman)

July 2020

Recent fluorine-related topics in the semiconductor field Dr. Masashi Matsuo (FT-Net Inc. Chairman)