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"Committed to partner's expectation by well-trained engineers"

Over 500 technical experts in fluorochemistry contribute to develop and expand the business of our partners worldwide.

Our core technologies are material design, compounding, processing and evaluation and analysis.  Out of our core technologies, material property and surface modification control are our main strengths.

OUR Technology and Innovation Center (TIC)

Technology and Innovation Center (TIC) is established as the core base for technology development of the Daikin Group. TIC aims to create new value based on the world's best technologies and highly differentiated products. For this reason, people of diverse backgrounds gather across national borders from inside and outside the company to consolidate their strengths and passion in making TIC a venue for the challenge of realizing collaborative innovation.


We will work to broaden our business domains beyond our strongholds of air-conditioning equipment and fluorochemicals, towards residential living spaces, communities, cities, and infrastructure. About 700 engineers have been assigned to the TIC. Here we are building a workplace culture where highly ambitious employees pursue dreams and exciting challenges in demonstrating their infinite potential to shape the future.


  • R&D/ TS Laboratory sites



Company Name Activities Address
Daikin Industries, Ltd.
[Yodogawa Plant]
Production and R&D of fluorochemicals 1-1, Nishi-Hitotsuya, Settsu, Osaka 566-8585, Japan
Daikin Industries, Ltd.
[Technology and Innovation Center]
R&D of fluorochemicals 1-1, Nishi-Hitotsuya, Settsu, Osaka 566-8585, Japan


Company Name Activities Address
Daikin Fluorochemicals(China) Co.,Ltd.
[Technology and Research Center China]
R&D of fluorochemicals No.8 Jinyu Road(West) Advanced Materials Industrial Park, Changshu, Jiangsu 215522, China
Daikin Fluorochemicals(China) Co.,Ltd.
[Shenzhen Office]
Marketing for IT, battery and automotive industry with TS laboratory 05-07,24F,Excellence Houhai Financial Center, Haide Third Road 126, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China+86-755-8657-5970
Daikin Fluoro Coatings (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Sales, production and R&D of fluoropolymer coatings No.388, Chun Guang Road Xinzhuang Industry Zone, Shanghai 201108, China+86-21-5442-1840


United States

Company Name Activities Address
Daikin America, Inc. [Decatur Plant] Production of fluorochemicals 905 State Docks Road, Decatur, AL 35601, U.S.A.
Daikin America, Inc.
[Daikin Automotive Innovation Center (Detroit)]
Marketing for automotive industry with TS laboratory 28317 Beck Rd, Suite E2, Wixom, MI 48393, U.S.A.
Daikin America, Inc. [San Jose Office] Marketing for IT, battery and automotive industry with TS laboratory 2184 Bering Dr, San Jose, CA 95131, U.S.A.
Cri-Tech, Inc. Custom compounding of high performance elastomers, thermoplastics and specialty products 85 Winter Street Hanover, MA 02339, U.S.A.+1-800-826-5699



Company Name Activities Address
Daikin Chemical Netherlands B.V. Pre-compounding of fluoroelastomers Maaskade 16,5347 KD Oss, the Netherlands


Company Name Activities Address
Heroflon S.p.A. Sales, production and R&D of PTFE compounds and micropowders Via Alcide de Gasperi No. 4, 25060 Collebeato BS, Italy+39-030-2510211