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Textile and Fabrics

Apparel products cover a wide variety of needs, such as comfort, wearability, repellency, durability, safety, and strength in extreme conditions. With more than half a century of experience in textiles, Daikin offers solutions tailored to customer needs and provides local technical support along the way.


Textile manufacturers continue to request improvements in functionality especially comfort. Daikin's water and oil repellent UNIDYNE products are used in various textile applications to promote durability, comfort, soft touch, and breathability.

Examples include sportswear, workwear, home furnishings, military, and outdoor fabrics require performance that repels both water and oil, without changing the finish of the textile.


Jackets, trousers, gloves


To ensure garments can be used in all weather conditions, outdoor sportswear is treated with Daikin’s UNIDYNE to impart a high level of watreproof and anti-smudge effect without compromising breathability.

Outdoor applications

Outdoor gears

Daikin’s UNIDYNE water and oil repellents are used on outdoor fabrics and apparel for water repellency against rain and snow and preventing soiling during outdoor activities.



Water and oil repellents

UNIDYNE water and oil repellents impart excellent water and oil repellency as well as stain release.