The success of the aerospace industry depends on the implementation of new cutting-edge technologies. By taking advantage of the heat resistance, dielectric strength, and flame retardancy of fluoro materials,Daikin is developing new innovative materials focused on the demanding requirements of the aerospace industry.


In the aerospace field, fluoro materials are highly regarded for their reliability and durability and are widely used for important components. To improve structural materials and electronic parts, the need for fluoro materials is increasing.

Daikin’s fluoro materials will improve the functionality and safety of the aerospace industry.



Aircraft structural materials

In the CFRP production process for aircraft housing, Fluoropolymer films assist and ease the release of the mold and matrix resin.

Displays / Lenses

Aircraft cabin windows and in-flight entertainment systems

Daikin anti-smudge coatings are used on aircraft windows and touch panels to maintain a clean and clear optics.


Fuel systems for aerospace

Daikin’s materials, such as fluoro elastomers, are designed to exceed the strict requirements for chemical and heat resistance for use in fuel systems.




Fluoropolymers are widely used because of their unique non-adhesive and low friction properties as well as their superior heat, chemical and weather resistance and superior electrical properties.



DAI-EL fluoroelastomer products provide excellent high temperature and aggressive fluids resistance in sealing and fluid transport applications.

OPTOOL anti-smudge coating

OPTOOL anti-smudge coating

OPTOOL is an anti-smudge coating for specifically engineered-to-protect display, optical, and glass surfaces. 

Coatings resins and additives

Coatings resins

ZEFFLE Series are designed to meet building and constructions most strict outdoor specifications. 


Water and oil repellents

UNIDYNE water and oil repellents impart excellent water and oil repellency as well as stain release.

Fluoropolymer Films

Fluoropolymer films

Fluoropolymer films provide parts or production processes outstanding chemical resistance, transparency, weather resistance, heat resistance or more functions.