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Battery materials

Daikin has developed to market innovative solutions to improve life cycle, safe, and high efficiency of lithium primary battery and lithium-ion battery.


The fluoromaterials are used in lithium-ion batteries, and high-performance materials are increasingly required to meet the needs for high capacity, improved safety, and long life. Daikin has developed various fluoromaterials for lithium-ion batteries. We are also focusing on the development of next-generation batteries, contributing to next-generation lithium-ion batteries and all-solid-state batteries.


Applications and Solutions

1. Gasket materials NEOFLON PFA

Long-term reliability

Chemical resistance

2. Cathode binder




3. Cathode binder with SWCNT


High adhesion

Low resistance

4. Cathode binder for dry process POLYFLON BDP


Cost down

5. Electrolyte additives and solvents Fluoro ether SLFE1508 High power
High voltage
Gas suppression

1. Gasket materials - Fluoropolymer NEOFLON PFA

NEOFLON PFA is the best suited gasket material for long term use in lithium-ion batteries due to the excellent sealing performance, electrolyte resistance, and moisture barrier.

Comparison of recovery rates

Comparison of recovery rates

Swelling test in electrolyte

Swelling test in electrolyte

Moisture permeation

Moisture permeation

2. Cathode binder - Fluoropolymer NEOFLON VT-475

NEOFLON VT-475 is an additive of PVdF binder for lithium-ion battery and it contributes to high energy density electrode for a new lithium-ion battery design.

NEOFLON VT-475 improves fluidity decrease of the slurry at coating process. Especially high nickel-based active materials such as NMC811 and NCA, NEOFLON VT-475 added PVdF shows significant improvement at coating process.

NEOFLON VT-475 binder produces high density (higher than 3.6 g/cc) and thick electrodes (higher than 30 mg/cm2) with no cracking up winding. It enables high energy density electrodes.

Slurry stability

Slurry stability



3. Cathode binder with SWCNT - NEOFLON VTD-475N (under development)

NEOFLON VTD-475N is a NMP dispersion which includes NEOFLON VT-475 and TUBALL TM.
It can increase the electric conductivity with small dosage of CNT, and then, increase the energy density.


  • - Increase the energy density
  • - Flexibility
  • - Slurry stability


  • - Higher adhesion
  • - Higher electric conductivity
  • - Increase the energy density (higher active material amount)

Cathode formulation example

[Conventional] Active material / CB / Binder = 97 / 1.5 / 1.5 (wt%)

[New] Active material TUBALL ™ / CB / Binder

           = 98.52 / 0.08 / 0.4 / 1.0(wt%)

Cathode SEM image of NEOFLON VTD-475N  
(VT-475 with TUBALL TM)

Cathode SEM image of NEOFLON VTD-475N

4. Cathode binder for dry process - POLYFLON BDP

Current wet process for making the cathode needs to make the slurry and heat-up. If the dry process is applied, it’s cost effective and eco-friendly because of NMP free.
POLYFLON BDP binder is suitable for this dry process of conventional lithium-ion battery as well as all-solid-state battery.

wet process

dry process

5. Electrolyte additives and solvents - Fluoro ether SLFE1508 (under development)

Daikin fluoro ether SLFE1508 has excellent oxidation resistance and no flash point. The electrolyte with SLFE1508 can improve the battery performance for Si anode.

Excellent oxidation resistance and safety performance

SLFE1508 gives higher oxidation resistance to electrolyte.
SLFE1508 also has no flash point, therefore it can increase the electrolyte flash point.

Excellent cycle life

SLFE1508 significantly improves the capacity reduction caused by the Si anode expansion and contraction, which is the same improvement effect as FEC.

Suppression of resistance increase

By suppressing the decomposition of the electrolyte, SLFE1508 can suppress the resistance increase.

Suppression of gas generation

SLFE1508 has outstanding stable chemical stability compared to FEC which is a commonly used as anode additive.
SLFE1508 can reduce the gas generation while FEC generates decarboxylation gas.

Cycle performance

Cycle performance

Gas generation

Gas generation




Energy Storage

Energy solutions





Home and Living

Home and Living




Fluoropolymers are widely used because of their unique non-adhesive and low friction properties as well as their superior heat, chemical and weather resistance and superior electrical properties.