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Fluoro sealant(under development)

Daikin's newly developed "Fluoro sealant" is a sealing material with excellent chemical resistance and moisture resistance. It is solvent-free, environmentally friendly, and can be applied to various application methods. Taking advantage of its characteristics such as workability and flexibility, it can be expected to be various applications such as important sealing material for sensors.

Background of development

In recent years, wearable devices have become widespread and their designs have been diversified. So there is a growing demand for the excellent function to protect the interior of these devices from harsh moisture, organic solvents, and various chemicals. Therefore, we have developed a unique new fluoro polymer with excellent flexibility and environmental friendliness without impairing the high performance of fluoro materials themselves, using Daikin's unique synthetic technology.


- Liquid polymer: compatible with various shapes
- Curable at room temperature
- Excellent chemical resistance: acids, organic solvents etc.
- High breakdown voltage
- Suitable for low temperature use
- Excelllent low vapor permeability
- Low refraction index
- Solvent free

Table.1 General property (after cure)


Table.2 Solvent absorption rate

(Weight change rate after solvent immersion)


Table.3 Chemical absorption rate

(Weight change rate after chemical immersion)


Table.4 Electrical property

(Breakdown voltage, volume resistance)


Table.5 Refraction index


Processing method

- It can be applied by conventional methods such as needle dispense, jet dispense or spin coating, etc.

- It is possible to fabricate films on the order of μm to mm thick with usual film molding method.

- It takes 15 minutes to surface hardening (until tack-free) , several hours for complete curing.

Image.1 Coating process using a dispenser

Photo.1 Picture of room temperature curing 


Image.2 Sealant after curing

Expected industries and applications

- Protection use from chemicals or solvents for consumer electronics, wearable devices, automobile and semiconductor devices.

- Water and oil proof coating, moisture proof seal, insulating film, anti reflection film and water repellent for electrowetting.

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