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Daikin will exhibit at Automotive Engineering Exposition 2021 Online

Daikin will be exhibiting at Automotive Engineering Exposition 2021 Online, from 26th May through 30th July 2021.

We will be introducing our fluoromaterials and new technology for CASE and ICE.


Dates May 26 (Wed.) – July 30 (Fri.), 2021

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Contents Fluoromaterials for Connected

- Fluoropolymer film for high frequency PCB (under development)

- Fluoro monomer for highly transparent low dielectric Polyimide

Fluoromaterials for Autonomous and Shared

- Antifouling coating with excellent weather resistance

- Water-slippability coating (under development)

Fluoromaterials for Electric 

- Wire and cable for automotive

- Next-generation refrigerant for EV air conditioners  (under development)

- Ethernet cable for automotive  (under development)

- Waterproofing and corrosion prevention coating

- Fluorine sealant  (under development)

Fluoromaterials for LiB

- Fluoropolymer for gasket

- Fluoropolymer for cathode binder 

- SWCNT suspension with fluoropolymer binder (under development)

- Fluoropolymer binder for solid state battery (under development)

New technology for automotive

- PFA powder for additive manufacturing (under development)

- Fluoroelastomer composite with SWCNT (under development)

- Carbon-fiber-reinforced fluoropolymer(CFRTP)(under development)

Fluoromaterials for ICE

- Adhesive fluoropolymers

- High durability fluorolastomers

- Fluorochemical mold release solutions




Fluoropolymers are widely used because of their unique non-adhesive and low friction properties as well as their superior heat, chemical and weather resistance and superior electrical properties.



DAI-EL fluoroelastomer products provide excellent high temperature and aggressive fluids resistance in sealing and fluid transport applications.

OPTOOL anti-smudge coating

OPTOOL anti-smudge coating

OPTOOL is an anti-smudge coating for specifically engineered-to-protect display, optical, and glass surfaces. 

OPTOACE conformal coating

OPTOACE conformal coating

OPTOACE is a distinctive fluorochemical coating solution that has excellent moisture-proofing properties. 

Fluoropolymer Films

Fluoropolymer films

Fluoropolymer films provide parts or production processes outstanding chemical resistance, transparency, weather resistance, heat resistance or more functions.

Fine chemicals and Intermediates

Fine chemicals & Intermediates

Intermediates and custom synthesis on demand based on fluorination technology to serve fine chemicals, life sciences and industrials applications

Specialty products

Battery materials

Daikin has developed to market innovative solutions to improve life cycle, safe, and high efficiency of lithium primary battery and lithum-ion battery.