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Digital consumer electronics


Many kinds of fluoro materials are used in various digital home appliances. A growing application is touch panels. Fluoro materials maintain the aesthetic appearance of the displays and housings, while also improving the water fastness of printed circuit boards.

Wire covering materials

Required characteristics

- Dielectric properties

- High frequency characteristics

- Electric insulation

- Heat resistance

- Flame resistance

- Flexibility

Daikin Solutions

Electrical wires jacketed with fluoropolymers not only possess high frequency dielectric characteristics but also excellent durability, making smarter and more precise digital consumer electronics.

Display surface coating

Required characteristics

- Reduction of fingerprint adhesion

- Smooth touch operability

Daikin Solutions

Treating surfaces with Daikin’s OPTOOL anti-smudge coating maintains the aesthetics of touch displays and housings and produces a long lasting smooth touch feel.

Water / moisture-proof treatments for printed circuit boards

Required characteristics

- Moisture resistance (water repellency, rust resistance)

- Quick drying

- Flame resistance

Daikin Solutions

Malfunctions from water wetting can be prevented by using Daikin’s OPTACE to form a thin film layer on the surface of a printed circuit board (PCB). Daikin’s OPTACE conformal coating can be applied easily and safely within the PCB manufacturing process.