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NEOFLON FEP NP-Series  is a melt moldable fluoropolymer. It has excellent thermal stability, electric properties, abrasion resistance, and long-term weatherability. It is widely used for the products of wire insulation, cable jackets, tubes.



- A copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene.
- It has a low dielectric constant and low dielectric loss tangent due to its low polarity molecular structure.It is used in the field of information technologies and communications by taking advantage of this characteristic.
- The strong C-F bond exhibits heat resistance, inertness for almost all chemicals and excellent weatherability.
- It has excellent flame retardancy (limiting O2 index 95 vol%, UL94V-0).
- Coefficient of friction is so small that it can gain the excellent slipperiness.
- Surface energy is also so low that it can excel in water and oil repellency, nonadherence properties.

Excellent characteristic

- Heat resistance
- Chemical resistance, permeability barrier
- Electrical characteristics (high frequency)
- Optical property
- Nonadherence
- Flame retardant


NEOFLON FEP NP-Series has excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance and electrical properties as well as PTFE. It is designed to be compatible with various melt forming methods.
- Wire coating
- High speed wire insulation
- Tube
- Extrusion, blown film
- Pipe lining