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POLYFLON PTFE D-Series, dispersion series is a water-based dispersion designed for impregnation or coatings.

This tetrafluoroethylene resin has excellent resistance properties toward heat and chemicals.

It also possesses weatherability, electrical characteristics of high frequency, nonadherence and slippeliness.



- Heat resistance at continuous operating temperature of 260℃, inertness for almost all chemicals and excellent weatherability.
- Coefficient of friction is so small that it can gain the excellent slipperiness.
- Surface energy is also so low that it can excel in water and oil repellency, nonadherence properties.
- Suitable for high-frequency boards since both the dielectric constant and the dielectric loss tangent are small with a perfectly symmetrical molecular structure.
- It has excellent flame retardancy (limit oxygen index 95%).

- Since it is an aqueous dispersion of nanoparticles, it can be impregnated and coated on glass cloths and other substrates.


PTFE D-Series has high heat resistance, excellent weather resistance, flame retardancy and low dielectric constant. It is used for building tent films, high-frequency substrates and cooking appliances.

- Architectural tent membrane
- High-frequency substrate
- Conveyor belt
- Release coating (for cooking utensils and industries)
- Battery binder