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Green Heart Factory Initiatives

Work toward sustainable development goals (SDGs)


Daikin Industries, LTD. was certified as an Eco-First company in 2008 under The Eco-First Program promoted by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan. We are committed to environmental conservation as an advanced, unique and industry-leading company.
“Green Heart Factory” is a system that certifies environmentally advanced factories based on original standards for activities to reduce environmental impact in the production process within the Daikin Group.
Each Daikin Industries business site can be certified as a “Green Heart Factory” if it earns a certain score in environmental and social assessments.(Certified rating: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze)
This certification system is not only an environmentally-friendly initiative, but also being developed globally with the aim of actively contributing to society through interaction with local communities.

Each of our business bases that develop the chemical business is actively engaged in this activity. Currently, Daikin Fluorochemicals (China) Co., Ltd. is certified as Gold Rank, Yodogawa Plant (Osaka) is certified as Silver Rank, Kashima Plant (Ibaraki) is certified as Bronze Rank.
In particular, Daikin Fluorochemicals (China) Co., Ltd. is currently certified as one of the leading companies in the Daikin Group in terms of reducing the environment impact through the operation of solar power generation and water conservation, and by enhancing environmental communication with the government and external parties.


Gold certificate of Daikin Fluorochemical (China) Co., Ltd.

Gold certificate of Daikin Fluorochemical (China) Co., Ltd.

The Chemicals Division will continue to promote initiatives with the goal of obtaining Gold or higher certification at all global bases by 2020.

Details of the Daikin Group's “Green Heart Factory” can be found below.