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Refrigerant recovery and reclamation initiatives in Europe

Work toward sustainable development goals (SDGs)


Daikin Group companies are the only comprehensive air conditioning manufacturers that perform everything from refrigerant development to air conditioner development, refrigerant recovery, reclamation, and destruction.

In addition to providing refrigerants with low global warming potential (GWP), we are working to reduce the environmental impact throughout the refrigerant life cycle.

Daikin Chemicals Division has conducted recovery, reclamation and destruction of used refrigerant in Japan and started recovery and reclamation in Europe.

The refrigerant recovery and reclamation business in Europe had been started in Germany. Since then, we have been working to expand the scale of this business to all EU regions. We will strengthen cooperation with industry stakeholders in each country, aiming to build up this system of used refrigerant recovery and reclamation across the region in Europe.

Regeneration and destruction facility

Refrigerant reclamation and destruction facility in Germany

DaikinDaikin Group companies will work to build a system that can supply reclaimed refrigerant to the market stably and continuously.

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