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POLYFLON PTFE M-Series, molding powder series is a granular molded powder resin designed for compression molding.

This tetrafluoroethylene resin has excellent resistance properties toward heat and chemicals.

It also possesses weatherability, electrical characteristics of high frequency, nonadherence and slipperiness.



- Heat resistance at continuous operating temperature of 260℃, inertness for almost all chemicals, and excellent electrical characteristics in high frequency.
- Coefficient of friction is so small that it can gain the excellent slipperiness, water and oil repellency, nonadherence properties.
- It is an extremely pure resin because it is chemically inert and does not contain additives, plasticizers, etc.
- It has excellent flame retardancy (limit oxygen index 95%).


It is used in a wide range of fields, including automotive, semiconductor, chemical plant, textile, and food due to it's excellent characteristics.

- Sealing material (O-ring, V-ring)
- Casing and membrane of pumps, valves, etc (diaphragms and bellows)
- Sheet for corrosion resistant lining
- Insulative sleeve
- Release sheet
- Sliding bearing