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Semiconductor manufacturing tubes and fittings


Materials for semiconductor manufacturing equipment require a high level of cleanliness to prevent contamination of the ultra-high-purity chemicals used, while maintaining the required standards of safety and durability.

Tubes and Fittings

Required characteristics

- Stress crack resistance
- Chemical resistance
- Excellent mechanical strength
- High cleanliness

Daikin Solutions

Daikin’s Fluoropolymer NEOFLON PFA AP-Series has the chemical resistance of fluoro materials, along with excellent stress crack resistance and a high level of cleanliness. This allows NEOFLON PFA to attain the long life and high reliability necessary in tube fitting systems.

> [Technical report] Recent progress on the measurement methodology of surface roughness inside the PFA tubes

We assume that in order to discuss the possibility of residence of nano-sized particles on the inner surface of PFA tubes for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, the method for measuring the surface roughness inside the tubes must be newly invented. This report makes a proposal for a method to measure surface roughness at the nano-level and demonstrate the necessity for this measurement.

High barrier tubes

Required characteristics

- Chemical resistance
- Low chemical permeability
- Gas barrier properties
- High cleanliness

Daikin Solutions

Daikin’s Fluoropolymer NEOFLON CPT LP series has excellent low chemical permeability and gas barrier properties. When used in tubing, the permeation of chemicals and gas is greatly reduced, effectively minimizing any adverse impact on peripheral devices. In addition, tube deterioration is suppressed, and the increased durability leads to a longer device life.