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Heat resistant electronic wire and cables


Properties inherent in fluoropolymers are excellent electric insulating properties, chemical stability, and corrosion resistance. Heat resistant wires coated with fluoropolymers are used in fields where durability under harsh operating conditions is necessary, such as in heavy electric machinery, oil and gas equipment, chemical plant machinery, and motor vehicles.

Heat resistant electronic wire and cables

Required characteristics

- Flame resistance

- Dielectric properties

- Electric insulation

- Heat resistance

- Oil resistance

- Chemical resistance

Daikin Solutions

As a coating material Fluoropolymer POLYFLON PTFE F-Series and NEOFLON series have excellent electric characteristics and heat resistance. Additionally, these materials have superior flame resistance, low and high temperature resistance, and oil and chemical resistance.  Typical coating applications are wiring around high temperature furnaces, internal combustion engines, and chemical plant equipment.